"Moodie Black's Noise-Rap Witchcraft" featured on Bandcamp Daily!

Bandcamp did an in-depth interview with Moodie Black ahead of the 'Lucas Acid' album release on Fake Four Inc. this April. Read the feature piece here: https://daily.bandcamp.com/2018/03/16/moodie-black-lucas-acid-interview/?utm_source=notification

"Moodie Black has found a way to channel their rage and displacement through sound on LUCAS ACID. If the first ominous lines of the track “Vanowen” to the broken radio-hum-as-bassline and guitar-falling-into-trash compactor refrain of “Freedom” is any indication, their mission is clear: Moodie Black isn’t here to be easily digestible. Tracks like “Palm Trees” are the closest thing to pop found here, though they, like all the other blasts of catharsis on this incendiary record, offer little resting place—only more motivation. For Martinez, a trans woman who happens to make gloriously harsh, yet profoundly spiritual music, navigating the often narrow-minded, volatile scenes of punk, noise, and hip-hop has been a long, difficult slog. But she’s persevered, bending both gender and genre to fit what feels right for her, and on LUCAS ACID, Moodie Black’s sonic alchemy opens a portal to take them and their listeners anywhere they want to go." - Bandcamp Daily