Street Date: 
Tuesday, October 29, 2013


  1. Hobby Horse
  2. I Said I Don't Care
  3. Snow Globes
  4. Thieves
  5. Canyons
  6. Chasing Thunder
  7. Herschel
  8. Dreamzzz
  9. Most Of Us
  10. Night Kids
  11. Surrender
  12. Whatever, Etc
  13. Roy Great Britian IV
  14. Young Heart
  15. The Lonely Fox
  16. White Whale
  17. We Paint The Rocks Gold
  18. 9th Street To San Pablo
  19. Echos On 8th Ave
  20. Theatre Eleven
  21. October
  22. Confessions Of An Empty Bird
  23. The Waltz
  24. Banquet



Inspired by a passage from Joseph Campbell's "The Power Of Myth", Rickolus' Troubadour is an album about love as the highest spiritual experience and specifically Richard Colado's (aka Rickolus) love for his wife. It is a recounting of a love that grew longer while the cigarettes grew shorter, while the four track recordings piled up.

At the beginning of the writing process for Troubadour, Colado had a hard time deciding whether to write metaphorically or literally about his marriage. It was a mess from the start, but in true Rickolus form he jumped in and learned how to swim. Lyrically, Colado decided to make an abstract collage of pictures of his wife that he keeps in his head, instead of trying to paint a portrait of them that was more easily recognizable. Upon finishing those songs however, he felt like they were too abstract to really represent their relationship fully.

Asking his muse what to do, she set herself to the task of listening to the mountain of demos he'd recorded. After a brief amount of listening, she returned with a list that had only a few songs marked off and said "you have two albums". The two of them split them up between acoustic and electric songs, thus making Troubadour a double album.

Rickolus still feels like the album is still kind of a mess but, that in itself, represents love better then a condensed ten song album ever could. Since when was love tight, concise and clear? We've all known it to be a complete, fucking beautiful mess!