Street Date: 
Tuesday, April 22, 2014


  1. Hawk Vs Vulture
  2. S K I E S
  3. Death In LA (Pt. 1)
  4. Death in LA (Pt. 2)
  5. Linen Funerals
  6. Christ
  7. Mollyap
  8. The Mass
  9. W O L V E S
  10. White Buffalo
  11. B



Long before Kanye West appropriated noise rap to create his new sound, independent artists such as Moodie Black were busy perfecting an art built of swelling distortion & uncomfortable energy. 10 years ago, front man/producer Chris Martinez (simply known as K.) and guitarist Sean Lindahl started Gahed inDie together in their Arizona hometown. Largely going unrecognized, they moved to the indie rap mecca of Minneapolis and developed an extension of their initial noise rap experiments that they eventually titled Moodie Black. In 2013 Moodie Black finally released a self-titled EP on Fake Four that received almost cultish praise. As noise rap grew in popularity, Moodie Black's sound altered even further. Although the group still cherishes the sound of static, now on their first full length album, NAUSEA, they've developed an extension of noise rap based on industrial yet melodic soundscapes and have embraced minimalism. This is more of a sonic journey than a kick in the face. Like the existential concept of Nausea itself, Moodie Black’s Nausea present sonic basic truths about human nature and existence. As its big beats, prodding rhythms, on point lyrical flows, wailing vocals and blissed out synth and dark guitars come crashing down upon us, Nausea upsets our everyday understanding of not only noise rap by shocking us into a new awareness about the genre, but also about what existence more generally, can be. Listen with caution.