Street Date: 
Friday, July 28, 2017


  1. Blank Slate
  2. Chiron
  3. Head Stone
  4. Touch the Flame (feat. Sarah M. Greer)
  5. Forgiven Blood (feat. Peter Pisano)
  6. Confession
  7. Killer
  8. Resurface (feat. deM AtlaS)
  9. Shine On (feat. Lady Midnight)
  10. Pearl
  11. Body



Kristoff Krane is a Minneapolis based rapper known for his stream-of-consciousness approach to writing, freestyling and performing. In addition to his solo releases, Krane was also frontman alongside Micheal ‘Eyedea’ Larsen in Rhymesayers’ freestyle group, Face Candy. Kairos is his new two-part album with music by Graham O'Brien. Part one releases on vinyl through Fake Four on July 28, 2017, preceded by the lead single "Shine On” (f. Lady Midnight). Part one also features: deM atlaS (Rhymesayers Entertainment), Jeremy Ylvisaker, Andrew Broder (Fog) and others.