Street Date: 
Friday, February 24, 2017


  1. Black Metal Demo Tape

Black Metal Demo Tape


Though not quite as sun abandoned and isolated as the Norwegian winters, Camp Pepper can still get awful dark and lonely. Compared to his previous LP, the guitarmony-laden, studio clean power pop ode CHORUS!, Black Metal Demo Tape finds the Guelph-based multi-instrumentalist handling performance and recording duties on his lonesome. 

The brightness of Pepper’s music has long stood in juxtaposition to the darker, morbid themes of his lyrics – despair, alienation, a maybe too healthy love of slasher flicks – but on Black Metal Demo Tape, Pepper’s carpet finally matches his drapes. The BPMs have slowed to dirges, the guitars distorted until they roil and churn, a scaled back production gives the whole of it the third generational murkiness of a passed-around tape. Neither metal nor a demo tape, Pepper has married the primordial clangor of the former with the direct vulnerability of the latter to spawn a punishingly heavy pop album.