Street Date: 
Tuesday, July 21, 2009


  1. Real Song
  2. Innner Knowing
  3. Soul Beast
  4. Snake Bite
  5. Too The Sky
  6. Options (feat Aceyalone)
  7. Cadillac Nights
  8. Chopper (feat Busdriver)
  9. Elevated
  10. Liberty
  11. Handbone
  12. Monte Carlo
  13. Good Old Smokey My Kanine
  14. 91 Octane (feat Awol One, Gel Roc)
  15. 1969



Myka 9 collaboration with prolific Canadian producer Factor to create the beautifully awkward and sparse "Good Old Smokey," for Factor's melodic hip-hop mélange "Chandelier" on Fake Four Inc. After their first successful venture, the idea, for Myka 9's 1969 was born. Not since 1993's "Park Bench People", a legendary song about Myka's own bout with homelessness, has he created such personal and poignant music as on the songs found on this latest record. 1969, the year of Myka's birth, is a nostalgic trip filled with references to the sounds of Motown, hippies, psychedelics, choppers and Cadillac’s that surrounded him throughout his early childhood.

While Factor layers accompaniments based around heavy funk and soul with touches of psych rock and even disco, Myka 9 spits a seemingly infinite variety of vocal stylings from soulful crooning to high speed machine gun chop raps. Myka's passionate lyrics and intense flow matched with excellent guest appearances from his Project Blowed comrades Aceyalone, Busdriver and Awol One help make this album a modern day West Coast Hip Hop classic.