Loden started getting attention after releasing on Dutch labels such as the now defunct Eat This Records, who also released his first album Valeen Hope in 2005.

After a slew of smaller releases and compilation appearances, Loden was signed to Mush Records in 2007, which re-released Valeen Hope. He returned with the second album Buggy] and the 7" single Self-Aware Wolf / Radio featuring Busdriverand K-the-I??? in 2010. Buggy reached 1st place on the CMJ RPM charts on its arrival and saw widespread play on college radio.

2011 saw Loden wrap up production for the new album by Busdriver, which he produced in its entirety. The first single "ATM" was released on Polyvinyl Record Co. in April 2011 for Record Store Day 2011. The album Beaus$Eros was released in 2012. It was one of Busdriver's most anticipated records.

In 2011, Loden released the third album Burning Man Stage Hand on Circle Into Square, which is the Fake Four Inc sister label.