The Harvey Girls

Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke formed The Harvey Girls in August of 2003 in Lawrence, Kansas. The group, named after the waitresses who served travelers in the American West from the late 19th to the mid 20th centuries along the AT&SF railways, combine the melodies of bubblegum pop with experimentation in sound. Their music stands as a cross between Prince Paul's production work and the songs of the Shangri-Las (that's what we're sticking with; feel free to come up with your own description). In the summer of 2006, Melissa and Hiram moved to Portland, OR. The Harvey Girls have released albums through their website and through the netlabels Imaginary Albums and Spoilt Victorian Child. They’ve garnered mentions of their five albums on mp3 blogs 3hive, Largehearted Boy, Said the Gramophone, Fluxblog, Spoilt Victorian Child, Milk Milk Lemonade, and countless others as well as reviews in CMJ, Tiny Mixtapes, erasing clouds, Splendid, Delusions of Adequacy, and They’ve been featured in interviews and podcasts in Willamette Week,, The Pitch, and erasing clouds as well. The Harvey Girls are Mushi Core.