“Because I Am Always Talking” is the third release by Careful, a project headed by producer and multi-instrumentalist Eric Lindley. Though Lindley now lives half-and-half in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, the album was recorded almost entirely by the musician in his childhood closet. A follow-up to 2010’s critical success “Oh, Light,” the record itself is a catalogue of doomed relationships—friendships, romances, families and physical bodies that disintegrate because they don’t measure up to their ideals. This is deeply personal music about hopeless trajectories, and it is no mistake that Lindley returned to his childhood home to record it.   Eric Lindley grew up in California, first on the edge of Yosemite, in a small mountain town that was the unlikely “birthplace of computer gaming” and later moved to Orange County—a place also known for bleak, expansive, quasi-simulated landscapes. Perhaps this is why Lindley is obsessed with the tension between sincere emotion and simple human mechanism, with the beauty of hopeless rote. His obsession carried him through intensive studies in music theory and cognition at Dartmouth College. He performs live with his explorations in home-brew circuitry and vocoders at venues like CMJ, the Baryshnikov Center, Machine Project, and The Knitting Factory, and has shared bills with Julia Holter, Xiu-xiu, Mt. Eerie, Lucky Dragons and Anna Oxygen.